jongtae// of course I had to draw my own version of that 
recently released jjong pic of him wearing this bondage-y get up
lmao. I asked twit which pairing they wanted me to incorporate in
my rendition and jongtae won by a couple points (jongho was 2nd ;;)
this is super messy but it...had to be done....◎⃝ _◎⃝ ;
please do not repost! thanks~

Expectation Vs Reality.


Jonghyun cover of Danger (?) feat. Taemin’s approval (c)

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140829 Onew at Tom and Toms coffee:
There was Onew from SHINee,
He looked soft when I saw him from TV but in real he was kinda sharp image.
He was handsome anyway.

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